Avengers: Endgame: Iron Man and Black Widow might return to life, fan theory indicates

Avengers ‘ events: Endgame resulted in the fatalities of two highly beloved Black Widow and Iron Man characters, leaving fans distracted and shaken by the loss of the initial Avengers.

But after the release of the film, fans got their heads together attempting to come up with likely theories that could take the two beloved superheroes back to life, and it feels like they’ve already figured out who the main person they can follow to take them back. And that’s Gamora past.

According to the recent theories, the two characters can be carried back much like previous Gamora entered the current time fame in Avengers: Endgame as traveling through the Quantum Realm produces a fresh version of the past lives of the characters where they can create a distinct future that never really occurred, as we saw Captain America going forward.

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