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Metal Strike War Game | Destroy Every Enemies With Your Powerful Weapons |

In the early years of the twenty-first century , a number of modern arms and organisms were created by human beings with intellect and advanced science, as well as robots for life and defence. On Planet, creatures.

A large financial and terrorist organisation, however, secretly produces explosive weapons and genetically modified organisms that rule the world one day.

Metal Strike War is the best game on Google Play for action adventures and is perfect for all smartphones and tablets. You have to completely immerse yourself in the character in order to succeed, create a clever movement strategy to escape the bullets as well as the enemy’s BOSS. Fire arms at the base of the enemy: fire, shoot a helicopter, shoot an elite task force of the enemy, raid, ambush or use a fleet. Power of theirs.

The game begins when Graves, the protagonist, takes command of the commander to announce the world’s situation. Graves will order the military to assault the military zone and world-renowned terrorist legions.

This is an offline shooting, metal squad & metal wings game that is fit for you if you like metal shooter games.

This is an elite American shooting game, not Sniper 3D.

Do you want to test your Kill Shot Bravo reaction?

A hundred thousand sniper hunters, a million SWAT rivals, Sniper Zombies, pick up a gun and counter attack. Let all strikers attack in order to defend.

How To Play Of Metal Strike War

The playing of the game focuses on skipping powers, flipping over the air, running to fire, stopping bullets, killing enemy units and the BOSS of enemies.

There will be several items in the game that help players, such as armour protecting the drum for a certain period of time, picking up boom, changing weapons and upgrading weapons, players need to use the full support items to win new war and go through the level.

Each level will have three small maps, BOSS will be met by players at the end of each map, and this is the last gate full of difficulties since BOSS will be stronger and more skillful, promising to make players have an enjoyable experience. BOSS will be more and more amazing, more professional and beautiful than many on each chart.

Weapon System

Game System Gun: Each character will have 5 weapons. The characters’ top four weapons are similarly fit. The last gun is going to be the distinctive gun of each character.

Lots of weapons in CS and CF!!!

– Pistol ( Desert Eagle)
– Colt
– AK-47
– Laser
– M60 (machine 60)
– M4A1
– Shot Gun (Hunting gun)
– Sniper Rifle
– Paintball
– Uzi
– Minigun (NEW).
– Energy Blast (NEW).
– Kel-Tec KSG: In the game, this is the basic weapons.
– AK Future: This is a rare form of gun that at once splashes out a lot of bullets.
– HK243: With this type of gun, on a straight line, you do not have to worry about obstructions or dizzy areas.
– FR-27: Pistol with a bullet torrent.
– Last gun system: For each player, the last guns will have their own individual characteristics. When – choosing a hero that will really suit your abilities, you will feel more secure.
– Flaming Guns: It would be a great option for your adventure with the benefit of high speed, strong lady and damage to several objects at once.
– The rocket launcher: Each rocket has to be launched, but with very strong attack strength.
– Laser wave pistol: Fire a laser wave.

Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting Games is an offline shooter, not an online game, nor a 3D game, but through the rankings, ability to compare scores with other players, complete the game ‘s mission structure, post your scores and accomplishments online on facebook , twitter …

If you’re male or female, boy or girl, adult or young, boy or girl can play the game with Metal Strike Battle, and if you’re anywhere: on a plane or boat, finding gold or racing, on a bus or on a bus, you can play the game whenever you want.

Wait now, download Metal Strike War: Gun Strong Shooting games right now on your phone and save the world.

Download Metal Strike War Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Metal Strike War(Apk)
Updated April 9, 2020
Current.V 7.6
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 37M


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