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Welcome to the sniper game 2020 universe. To get a perfect shot on the goal, take a step back. This awesome gun shooting game is available for download and enjoy. Welcome to the world of action games, where you will have limitless missions to complete. We have what you need if you enjoy playing FPS gun fighter games in the action games category. Here you’ll find all of your favourite action games. With its specific gameplay levels, we are sure that this action game will provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

First impression

We created this action game offline shooter games with your internet use in mind. You can play the entire game without using the internet. In terms of graphics, this action game is in the top 10% of all actual shooting games.

New Zombie Mode is now available.
We’ve added a new zombie mode to compete with the best zombie games. In this zombie shooter, kill the infected and shoot down the undead.

Your acclaim is a source of pride for us; you helped to make this the greatest game ever.

This sniper game has already hit major milestones, and it is now considered one of the best sniper shooting games available. Since its release, this sniper game has been regarded as one of the best new games of 2018. On the basis of customer reviews, we continue to develop it. We can now confidently claim that we provide our users with the best sniper games offline experience and that we are among the best new games of 2020!


The store stocks a wide range of weapons. Increase their amount to the top and see what you have. Purchase your choice sniper rifles from the arsenal. This gunfighter game is one of the best shooting games with weapons and people because of its special guns. Remember to play the latest games from the Google Play Store. Don’t waste any more time; try it now and download it for free to enjoy offline.


There are a variety of missions to choose from, each with its own unique storey. Play through all of these stages to become the best gamer. Be the best game player and earn the most prizes.
Take a peek at some of the most thrilling levels:
Take out the bad guy with the briefcase. Enemies will start firing at you as soon as you fire your first shot, so take them out before your health runs out in this shooting game.
Allowing the gangsters’ boss to escape by helicopter and killing all of the guards around him is not a smart idea.
Some dangerous inmates have escaped from the jail, and you must kill them all before they flee the city.
A helicopter is in the air, assisting our adversary in some illegal activity.
A helicopter is in the air, assisting our adversary in some illegal activity. Fire at the right angle to bring down the helicopter and all of the bad guys inside.


This sniper game was built based on the tastes of the users. Finding the required goal is a fantastic task that you must complete at each stage. Read the written instructions for mentioning your target to your enemies. Criminals engage in negative activities such as robbing, hacking confidential data, bike wheeling, pointing a gun at a hostage, plotting a crime, mafia gangs fleeing, and so on. In specific missions, eliminate all of them and make the city crime-free. You like playing action games like gun fighters, but this shooting game is a one-of-a-kind experience.

New Sniper Shooter Apk Features

  • High-definition graphics
  • A great slow-motion camera helps you to completely appreciate the action.
  • Unlimited exciting, sniper shoot missions
  • Wide variety of rifles like other best action games
  • Controls focused on the best offline sniper games
  • Sniper gun controls are simple and smooth.
  • Excellent graphics that compete with the best action games on the market.
  • Shooting with a sniper rifle is an exhilarating activity.
  • With the best controls and graphics, this game is full of thrills and action.

This FPS game is completely free to play, so take advantage of it. It can be played anywhere. There is no need for a Wi-Fi link to play this sniper game. Sniper shooting 2020 can be played in the subway, on a (real) plane, in a car on the road, or in your bed. Download New Sniper Shooter Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name New Sniper Shooter (Apk)
Updated April 1, 2021
Current Version 1.87
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Size 70M
Offered By The Knights Pvt Ltd


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