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You come to play a horrible escape room game and a mysterious man welcomes you. First of all, it’s an obligation to take part in this awful horror adventure. And here starts the horror adventure … but something has gone wrong … it doesn’t seem like a game, it’s a trap of a wicked madman who has created these psycho-escape areas. Now it’s time to think about and escape from the horrors of the home. You must take a long trip to escape the room target in this escape-adventure match! Ok, can you get out of the room if you open the doors? Be terrified!

Were you ever in the house of horror? Have you ever met terrible people and tried to get out of dangerous places? Now you’re going to have the opportunity. So be ready for the adventure game of the HQ price horror escape space. Come to do this lively escape quest. Moving around the hunted home, solving puzzles of mystery, and escape space. This terrifying house is scary so that we can get out of it as fast as we can! It is the ideal chance, by solving enigmatic puzzles, to pump your analytical skills. This horror game is a true masterpiece for high quality art and thrilling storyline. This game is exclusive to many different locations, among other games for horror escape. You’re not going to forget this mad adventure, where hidden doors will open! You will do as much as you can to stay alive one hundred percent, it is so scary!

“Scary Horror Escape” isn’t a simple game, but you can still figure it out with so many free hints and hints. Fear house will make it hard for you to solve as simple puzzles. If you want to play games for detective purposes, solve puzzles and you’re a fan of scary games, it’s great horror games for you! Do not forget to open doors, buddy, you need to take a knack to get through the entire game. Perhaps it will be complicated, but certainly worth it! In the haunted house of terror the frightful game starts here. Play this escape horror game and test your logical skills. One of the best games for adventure. Garanties for Goosebumps!

Features of “Scary Horror Escape” Adventure Game:

  • High quality animated art and practical graphics
  • Many eerie, door-opened trapped locations
  • Atmosphere of horror and sounds spooky
  • Comprehensible escape room with tips and clues
  • Find clues and solve challenging puzzles
  • A ton of fun jigsaws and riddles: math, puzzles and more!
  • The game is traduced in 15 languages
  • Horror-house ambiance and addictive gameplay
  • Escape adventure without access to the Internet

Take a look at our other escape horror games if you like “Scary Horror Escapes” and want to tinkle nerves. We had many more detective games, escape from the house, mystery and adventure games with the click. Click on the link “More through AAA Adventure Games,” and play the standard of escaping house terror, terrifying games, free room games and other offline free flight games! You are going to get a bumps of goose. We always seek to enhance the standard of our games in order to give you the greatest pleasure in the game. Have fun with your mates and share them!

Download Scary Horror Escape Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Scary Horror Escape (Apk)
Updated 10 April 2020
Current.V 1.5
Req.Android 4.1 and up
Size 52M
Offered By AAA Adventure Games


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