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Snake TIME | The More You Eat, The Bigger And Longer You Get |

The fittest survivor in the animal world, this postulate does not accept objections. But in addition to power, cunning is also needed within the context of the arcade project Snake Time – this is the only way to be at the top of the food chain, which is actually the gameplay’s main objective. Surely the “Snake” was played by one of you, something similar is introduced in this latest product from the Ocean Dr Apps studio, just freedom of movement, unlike the retro project, the consumer is provided overwhelmingly more. The gamer starts to conquer the global ranking by killing smaller snakes of their own kind after launching the Snake Time programme, introducing his “nickname” into a special field and selecting a single or multiplayer format.

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Speed through the space of the game, consume colourful spheres, increase your height, and avoid larger individuals or artificial intelligence controlled by other players. In addition to consuming the spheres in Snake Time, having acquired power and strength, you will proceed to the phased destruction of competitors – make them crash into your “giant” after which they self-destruct, and you, as though nothing had happened, continue to fly through the game world with bravado, soothing yourself with the expectation of becoming the global ranking leader soon. I’m glad there are many skins to choose from and a few helpful bonuses for a while that provide dominance over all enemies.

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  • Snake TIME Screenshot
  • Snake TIME Screenshot
  • Snake TIME Screenshot
  • Snake TIME Screenshot

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Download Snake time Game file from Downloading button below and enjoy this game.

Game Name Snake time (Game)
Updated 20 November 2020
Current.V Depends on the device
Req.Android Depends on the device
Size Depends on the device
Offered By Ocean Dr Apps


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